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About us
About us

Privatna detektivska agencija SHARK LICRUS

Derenčinova 18, Zagreb


Goroslav Šmaguc is the owner of the Detective Agency Shark Licrus limited partnership for investigative activity, born in 1959 and by occupation a law graduate.
He spent a number of years working for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Croatia, where he successfully performed many operational and management tasks in all aspects of combating crime and special services, border police operations, and more. A frequent guest professor and mentor at the Police Academy for a number of years, teaching in the field of vocational training for border police.
He is also professionally trained for specific tasks, taking part in various specialized training abroad.
Member of the International Police Association – IPA.
The first president of the Association of the Croatian private detectives (UPDH).
Detective agency Shark Licrus limited partnership for investigative activities (short Detective agency Shark Licrus) has successfully operated in the Republic of Croatia for 18 years, as legal and real successor of the Agency for carrying out detective activities Shark Licrus.
When solving the cases, except for their own potential – a highly educated and experienced staff, detective agency works closely with experts from various fields – expert witnesses, court interpreters, lawyers, medical experts, accountant and tax experts and others.
Up to date, Shark Licrus detective agency resolved and still works and settles cases in the whole state of Croatia, as well as in other countries.
Likewise, the Detective agency works very successfully with private detectives from neighboring states, as well as with detectives from EU countries and other continents.
Thanks to the professional relationship with our clients, who are the main focus of our work, we respect detective ethics, legislation, etc., and maintain a very high level of performance, the Detective Agency Shark k.d. is today one of the most successful detective agencies in Croatia. The organisations that have an insight into the work of detective agencies place Shark Licrus agency at the top of their lists.
Due to a high number of successfully solved cases for our clients from abroad, the agency is also well known in foreign countries.
Dignity and confidentiality of data, as well as data on the client are fully protected, which gives the customer complete security regardless of whether they are individuals or registered companies.
Detective agency Shark Licrus very successfully resolved and keeps resolving and settling, due to constant cooperation and performance of individual cases, a series of demanding cases for clients such as:

  • Registered companies – Known companies from Croatia and from abroad as well as public companies
  • Individuals


shark-detektiv - privatni istražitelj Goroslav Šmaguc

Goroslav Šmaguc

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