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The Agency Shark Licrus is one of the pioneers in the field of corporative security in Croatia, which is proved also by its numerous great clients and their so far successful collaboration with the Agency. Hrvatske željeznice Holding is certainly the most outstanding among them that managed to discover the thefts and fraudulent transactions worth millions of kuna after engaging the Agency’s experts! This case that was covered by all larger media illustrates the size of damage that a company can suffer due to “holes” in security systems used cleverly by employees in collaboration with external partners. Apart from classical thefts and fraud, the Agency deals with the creation of an efficient security system in all company divisions, as well as with the protection from the growing external threats.

Why is corporative security important in modern business environment?

Rapid development of international markets and ever increasing technological changes, especially in the field of information science and telecommunication entails the corporative security as a logical step in the development of the company intended to coordinate the protection and continuity of business activities. The threats that each company is faced with today like organised economic crime and various financial malversations but also “traditional problems” including thefts or negligence of employees require the establishment of a special division within a company or the engagement of external staff with extensive experience that would deal with solving such situations.

Is the awareness of the need to increase the security level sufficiently developed?

It is generally accepted in a broader public that the corporative security is only one more “fabricated” complicated phrase that should justify large investments in common physical protection in the form of alarm systems, video surveillance and security companies. Although the mentioned elements are very important parts of corporative security, the process of corporative protection neither starts nor ends with the engagement of security companies. Fortunately, such simplified view of this topic is gradually becoming something that belongs to the past, and the issues related to the security management in companies, financial institutions and public administration in Croatia were discussed for the first time at the conference on “Corporative Security 2008” in Zagreb that hosted more than 100 participants coming from the Croatian business environment. Today, more and more companies in Croatia take account of overall business security, which certainly includes also a wide context of research activity. 
Which problems do modern companies face?
Although most of people may think that the greatest problem that the companies face today results from the market of the external environment, the truth is mostly somewhat different. Namely, the most security breaches appear within the company itself, either caused by human factor being most often the case, or by completely wrong security strategy. Technical problems are actually extremely rare because modern technology is reliable and pretty predictable, which is not the case with people.

We help you to create an efficient security system!

The security policy promoted by Shark Licrus dictates the development of preventive system of protection from all kinds of industrial espionage, physical and technical protection of property, the analysis of financial and market risks, screening of employees – both present and prospective, overall security screening of management, and collecting of relevant data about competition and business partners in order to reduce the possibility of unexpected situations to the minimum level. It is certainly important to mention that each company suffers also damages resulting from all kind of felonies – thefts, frauds, forgery, abuse of office, and the Detective Agency Shark Licrus has had exceptional results so far in fighting felonies and has succeeded to achieve savings for the companies that have engaged it. Apart from implementing the most advanced technologies and techniques of protection, great emphasis is placed on continuous education. It should be mentioned that all employees and expert associates of the Detective Agency Shark Licrus are highly qualified and educated for their work. In today’s highly networked world, corporative security is no longer something that is just “done” but something that is “lived” at all levels of the hierarchy within some company, from high management to the lowest employee level.
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