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Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics
shark-detektiv - Digitalna forenzika
Private Detective Agency Shark Licrus is the only agency in the Republic of Croatia that offers digital forensic investigation of computer (Windows OS) and smart phones (Android/iOS) to corporative sector using several most modern forensic tools.
For many years, digital forensics has been “reserved” for police agencies, i.e. the law enforcement agencies, however, it has recently become a customary practice implemented also in corporative sector for discovering so called internal threats, data leakage, theft of intellectual property, industrial espionage and unlawful interception with spyware applications, and similar.

Using the most modern forensic tools, we can answer the following questions:
  • Is the mobile phone communication intercepted?
  • Which WI-FI networks has a mobile phone user been connected to?
  • Which contents have been downloaded from Internet?
  • Has mobile phone user communicated with a certain person, when and how?
  • Has a certain key word been used in correspondence?
  • Have data been copied from computer to external storage, when and which data?
  • Have USB flash drives been connected to a computer, when and which USB flash drives?
  • Have malware programmes or anti-forensic programmes been installed to the computer?
  • Which web sites have been visited on a certain day and in a certain hour?
  • When and which data have been erased from computer?
  • Have some documents and which documents been sent to private Cloud or e-mail accounts?


Part of our equipment:

oxygen forensic detective

Oxygen Forensic Detective is the programme for forensic analysis of mobile phones and drones. 
It is used by police and various offices for law enforcement in over 100 countries worldwide, like FBI, DEA, the Russian FSB, German criminal police office BKA, etc. Oxygen Forensic Detective can detect spyware applications, bypass user protection (PIN, password) in a large number of locked mobile phones and recover the deleted data from the communication application (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype…), and completely reconstruct the activity of device owners.

Oxygen Forensic Detective can decrypt the user tokens/credentials and retrieve the data from over 40 Cloud storages (Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, Google disk, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Social networks are a part of our life today, and there is almost no person that does not have Facebook or Instragram profile. According to the global research data “Digital In 2016”, almost every second citizen of Croatia uses social networks, and Facebook itself has over 1,9 million active users. Therefore, the data storages in Cloud present a virtual gold mine for possible evidences in digital forensic investigation.

The forensic analysis of mobile phones is carried out by an experienced digital forensic scientist having an international Oxygen Forensics certificate.

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