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Verification of the
employees’ false sick leave
Verification of the employees’ false sick leave
Verification of the employees’ false sick leave
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In Croatia, fraudulent sick leaves are causing losses worth millions for the employer and the overall economy, and certain research, which has been conducted during the last years by the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (CIHI), has shown that over 10% of sick leaves have been completely unfounded. Verifying false sick leaves is therefore imposed as the only logical step from the perspective of the employers.

The reasons for taking sick leave among Croatian employees are diverse. Some do it because of their dissatisfaction at work, others for a variety of private obligations – various epidemics that coincided with the olive harvest, sowing, tourist season, etc. were once well-known. A part of the overall sick leaves is also a part of a long-term plan for achieving permanent disability, for which there are prescribed conditions, and in such machinations even doctors often participate. The most dramatic examples are the employees who during their sick leave pursue their own unlawful entrepreneurial ventures, but do not want to leave the security of their jobs and wages. No matter which of these reasons is concerned, the undeniable fact remains that the false sick leave causes major financial problems for the employer and is the cause for broken relationships within a company and contributes to the creation of a bad working atmosphere.

Employees of the private detective agency Shark Licrus have already been faced with a number of previously described cases and have significant experience in solving them. Contact us and we will carry out the verification of false sick leaves of employees in your company.

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