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Vetting the employees and associates
Vetting the employees and associates
Vetting the employees and associates
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Shark Licrus helps you to protect yourself from possible embarrassment and problems that may damage the business activities, and in the worst case can even call into question the very existence of your company.

Process of hiring new employees

When hiring new employees, employers find themselves in situations where they are literally swamped with a large number of resumes. Standard types of employment tests are sufficient just for the basic filtering, but the fact remains that a large number of candidates, and some international studies show that well over 40% of resumes, provide false information. The whole process of security verifications can be compared to the conventional investigative process, and based on experience, several areas have been detected that should be given special attention:

  • Data accuracy about previous jobs
  • Recommendations of former employers and co-workers
  • Data on education and authenticity of diplomas
  • Problems with the law and criminal history

Our agency has the necessary legal authority and technical competence to carry out effective verification of the employees.

Checking business partners and associates

The danger for business is even more pronounced when it comes to business partners and associates. In volatile market conditions, the inability of debt collection is something that every entrepreneur has been faced with at least once. Sooner or later the question must be asked: “Do you know who you are doing business with?” Upon entering a business relationship it is important to examine previous business activities of the company, but also the experience of previous associates:

  • Whether it is a regular payer?
  • Does your partner have the sufficient capacity to meet the contractual obligations?
  • What is his financial shape?
  • Is there a history of problems with the law?

You need to have precise answers to these questions before you embark on any serious cooperation. It suffices to simply follow the media and it becomes clear what sort of problems companies find themselves in and which have failed to test the creditworthiness and the business activities of their business partners: builders who cannot complete the construction of buildings, businesses whose property is under foreclosure, financial fraudsters… These are just some of the cases that we encounter on a daily basis.

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