shark-detektiv - specijalnosti
Field of work
Business and specific activity
shark-detektiv - specijalnosti
Field of work
Business and specific activity
shark-detektiv - specijalnosti
Field of work
Business and specific activity
shark-detektiv - Specijalnosti

Detective agency SHARK LICRUS is registered to perform following activities:

  • collecting and processing data and evidence
  • activities of private security
  • assembly vault equipment
  • development of surveys and analysis of the situation and threat assessment of facilities
  • organization of complete protection
  • design, execution and oversight of the installation of technical protection systems
  • market research and public opinion research
  • organization and helping to build complete preliminary projects in the field of physical-technical security 

Detective agency is particularly specialized in solving the following:

  • Property relations – all forms of enforcement procedures, etc.
  • Misuse of property, especially industrial property, intellectual property, etc.
  • Fraud – in all forms, especially in the economy, civil fraud, disclosure of the perpetrator
  • After marital disputes and protection of the rights of juveniles in custody cases
  • Abuse of insurance and causing traffic accidents – with insurance fraud
  • Search for missing persons and objects
  • Search for people who are away from their place of residence
  • Checking the credit rating of individuals and corporations – the business success of individuals and corporations
  • Violation of work obligations, labor discipline
  • Detective advice – form of providing technical assistance, which consists of the intellectual support, professional guidance of parties in resolving their particular situation.

Tracking dogs

Tara Security K9
In collaboration with Tara K9 Security:
  • detection of explosives and explosive compounds, fireworks devices, weapons, ammunition. The possibility of detecting even the smallest quantity of explosive compounds, even in traces at various places.
  • detection of drugs and various narcotics substances (various medicaments, psychotics…). 
  • detection of listening devices, bugs (hidden in business facilities, vehicles, private objects, and similar). 
  • detection of alcohol, money, explosives, weapons, pyrotechnical devices, mines…
  • searching for your lost things, pets, persons
  • surveillance of protected area from the air by means of drones

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