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Detective powers
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Detective powers
Detective powers
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Detective business is done in accordance with the provisions of Art. 8. – 27. Law on private detectives (NN 24/09.), and according to the rules of the Ethics code for detectives.

Private detective can gather news and information about:

  • missing persons, or persons that are hiding from the party, people who have written or sent anonymous letters or those that amount to libel, insults or amount to anything from a personal, family or business life that can harm someone’s honour or reputation,
  • persons who have caused damage to the party in question,
  • items that are lost or stolen,
  • evidence that the party needs for insurance or to exercise rights or privileges in front of a court or other government authorities and companies or associations,
  • success of person performing the duties,
  • success and/or performance of business companies, craftsmen and other legal persons,
  • facts and circumstances pertaining to the personal status of citizens and their property status,
  • applicants for employment and employees only with their written consent, which the employer is allowed to ask for, according to special regulations,
  • criminal acts that are persecuted by private lawsuits, and their perpetrators,
  • povredama radnih obveza ili radne discipline.

Apart from gathering news and information according to Article 9 of this Law, a private detective can also do as follows:

  • plan and implement measures to protect commercial secrets, information systems, economic and personal data and information in accordance with the contract concluded with the client,
  • court draughted documents, administrative and other procedures
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