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Corporative security

Corporative security is not only physical and technical protection, but also the protection of information system, intellectual property, brands etc., and the world companies started to apply such protection massively in the 80s.
Modern concept of business entity security proceeds on three fundamental aspects:
  1. the lack of awareness that business entities are compromised and that adequate security mechanism should be established
  2. security is not just a technical issue, but also a strategic issue
  3. focusing on external threats (insiders cause security breaches in 80% of all cases).
So far existing concept of business entity security was focused on the establishment of information security mechanism (for example, in 70% of cases related to the loss of information, human factor was the cause, and not information technology).

Basic characteristics:

Corporative security: overall security of corporation (security as integrated term).
goal of corporative security – the achievement of the security in company’s business success
corporative security in modern conditions has become a strategic function of a company
it defines a unique security policy of a business system and its unique implementation in practice.
Is corporative security an institutionalized profession?
Complexity of profession: the experts of corporative security are faced today with rather demanding tasks: they have to support simultaneously the growing business needs and prevent more and more sophisticated attacks on companies.
Functions of corporative security:
  • administrative security of procedure and policy
  • physical and technical security of facilities and other assets
  • security of property and external partnerships
  • personal security, protection of people, safety at work
  • programmes of education and of the development of awareness as related to the security of employee education
  • investigations, programme of protection against crime, providing security support related to agreements and business activities with partners
  • information security, manager security, security at various business events.

Detective agency SHARK LICRUS is registered to perform following activities:

  • collecting and processing data and evidence
  • activities of private security
  • assembly vault equipment
  • development of surveys and analysis of the situation and threat assessment of facilities, organization of complete protection
  • design, execution and oversight of the installation of technical protection systems
  • market research and public opinion research
  • organization and helping to build complete preliminary projects in the field of physical-technical security

Security consulting

Our activity includes the definition and creation of rules on business secrets of a company, the regulations for employees, support in preparing EU funding projects and in obtaining NATO and EU security certificates.

Assessment of risks and plans related to object protection

The risk assessment implies all forms of threats to companies including the threats directed at the physical security of objects and employees, but also at the entire information security, which is used for making suggestions to clients related to adequate technical and organizational solutions.

Security policy

The security policy of a company presents a fundamental document that defines the guidelines, efforts, models and resources for the implementation of further processes intended to improve and maintain the security status.

Risk analyses and management

We are also familiar with the so called risk analyses that are intended for suggesting the manner of solving the problems that should be applied in possible crises and their prevention.

Collection and analysis of business information related to competition

Our activity includes also the collection of business information about certain companies, business partners or competition; generally speaking, the validation of the overall situation before the client e.g. enters a business relationship or decides to invest. 
The protection against illegal data collection (industrial espionage) – in accordance with the legal regulations, we are also able to protect a company and its employees against illegal collection of confidential or sensitive information and business secrets that is often called also industrial espionage.

Management and employee security

If the security of a company or its employees is compromised, we suggest and organize various types of protection; from personal protection to the protection of events and objects.

Education of managerial staff and employees

We also offer the education of employees and teach them about certain aspects of industrial espionage that they should pay attention to in order to protect themselves. 
The application of special technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) – By means of modern technical equipment, we make countersurveillance examinations of facilities and vehicles of the company. In this field, we also suggest other technical solutions for the purpose of data protection and the protection of so called voice and electronic communication.

Detective agency is particularly specialized in solving the following:
Property relations – all forms of enforcement procedures, etc.
Misuse of property, especially industrial property, intellectual property, etc.
Fraud – in all forms, especially in the economy, civil fraud, disclosure of the perpetrator
After marital disputes and protection of the rights of juveniles in custody cases
Abuse of insurance and causing traffic accidents – with insurance fraud
Search for missing persons and objects
Search for people who are away from their place of residence
Checking the credit rating of individuals and corporations – the business success of individuals and corporations
Violation of work obligations, labor discipline
Detective advice – form of providing technical assistance, which consists of the intellectual support, professional guidance of parties in resolving their particular situation.

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