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Insurance Frauds
Insurance Frauds
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There are several types of frauds against insurance companies, but the vast majority is associated with physical injuries, primarily as a result of car accidents or injuries at work together with certain material damage.

Sometimes it is simply the case of exaggerating existing injuries or damage, and sometimes the claimant himself caused them. Some of the most common cases are old injuries that are presented as suffered recently, injuries sustained in leisure time reported as injuries at work, destruction of personal property (usually real estate), fraudulent theft of works of art or similar valuable items… All of these is part of services provided by private investigator agencies!

The insurance fraud cases sometimes include several people. The claimant doesn’t always act on his own; often he might have an accomplice, sometimes even on the inside. The procedure of insurance claims requires a number of different signatures, which increases the risk of illicit activity. The claimant’s accomplice can be virtually anyone, including a false witness, police officer or even the insurance company’s own employee, sometimes the very one who sold the insurance! Cases like this require special expertise of the investigator, as well as acquiantance with certain regulations. That is precisely why private investigator agencies, which empoly former police and security service officers, are the first choice when it comes to resolving cases of insurance frauds.

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