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Search for missing persons
Search for missing persons
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Cases of missing persons are among the most complicated ones for the police. In order to solve them very often as much detailed information as possible is needed that can only be provided by the close family circle and acquaintances, which requires getting additional help. Because of their experience and expertise, private investigators are often involved in searches for missing persons.

Cases of missing persons are very diverse. Some for example deal with runaways, which is usually the case when it comes to minors, but there can also be a serious criminal offense such as kidnapping. Speed is of the utmost importance in order to avoid tragic endings. It is necessary to examine the usual daily routine of a missing person, places they go to, as well as people they come in contact with, whether professionally or privately. No less important is knowing if a person had problems with the law or showed exemplary conduct.

The help provided by a family and acquaintances can be of crucial importance, but the expert assistance of the police and private investigation agency is absolutely necessary for ensuring happy endings to such cases.

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